With the New Year comes everyone’s resolutions. People post them, share them, try to keep them but how many new years goals are kept? According to these statistics: 40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year.  After one month 64% of the resolutions are kept.

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I saw this photo posted in Rick Mereki‘s blog.  Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible – Frank Zappa.  Love the message.  So for 2012 I will keep all of my (unwritten) new year’s resolutions & take some risks. I’m imagining all of this in voice over and a musical montage with lots of color, black & white, laughter, action, dancing so please use your imagination because I have run out of time.  Do something you love.  It’s about the journey, not the destination.  Time to really prioritize.  Learn about new music.  Smile.  Laugh.  Think creatively.  Let’s be adventurous. Saying see ya later to my old demo reel (below) and hello to a new year of wild randomness, documented.

Cheers to 2012.

I Love The Yankees

This is my Dad. He loves baseball. He reallllly loves the Yankees.

Here are two new episodes of the show Ryan Ross and I are making for Snow.com, Apres Adventures. Due to falling and breaking my foot I couldn’t shoot either show. Instead my extremely modest & talented husband, Brian Sweeney, shot both shows and I edited them. It looks like Brian & Ryan had a few adventures in Breckenridge and Vail. Too bad I missed both snowy cold nights.

I hope you enjoy these episodes and are inspired to partake in your own apres adventures at Vail Resorts. The logo above is designed by Chase Courington.

Bar Crawl in Breckenridge

Disco Tubing & Night Skiing

Yep, it’s super late to be posting this but perhaps you’re desperately looking for some last minute gift ideas.
Trying to keep a video/entertainment theme here it goes:

Support these wonderful bands!!  You can even buy the tracks on iTunes right now and burn some CDs.  Check out The Autum Film, Rosie & Me, Harper Blynn, and more.

A class on photography, editing, Photoshop, After Effects, check out the course list locally.  In the Denver/Boulder area you can look into, i.e. Boulder Digital Arts.

There are a bunch of books, above, Do More Faster (check out page 229), The Dragonfly Effect, La Tour de 300 Metres, Crave but with your city, a James Balog book on The Extreme Ice Survey project, and a travel book of where your friend lives.

GoPro camera.  Here’s some footage Brian shot in a helicopter ride over Boulder.

USC goods (but from your school)!

Make a book from Blurb.  It’s too late for Christmas this year but still a great gift idea.

Lastly, I’m selling my Mac G5 desktop and my Panasonic HPX video camera I used to shoot shows like The Founders 2009Contact me if you’re interested in buying either item.  I can deliver to you if you’re in the Denver/Boulder area.

Alright, here it is! The newest trailer for our music show, The Window Seat. Christy & I really love making all sorts of videos on music and we hope you are enjoying them too. We really appreciate everyone’s support and are looking forward to lots of new shoots and changes, including on our website in the new year. It’s currently something simple and user friendly but will evolve. You can follow The Window Seat on twitter for updates on various projects and just to learn about music. In this trailer we interviewed The Submarines, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Junip, Mates of State, Cory Branan, Calvin Locklear and Mountain Man. Get ready to have lots of dance parties!

A few months ago Emily Olson asked me to come to San Francisco and make a few videos on their deliciously delightful company Foodzie, a website connecting you with small producers who create real, good tasting food. It all started several years ago when I met the Foodzie team filming a short piece, StartUP, on TechStars for Current TV.

Fast forward to October 2011 when I found myself in San Francisco spending a weekend doing a lot of shooting… and eating!  It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.  The good news is I actually did not gain any weight.   I also got to see two of my close friends who live there.

Here are two of the videos I created for Foodzie, the first one is The Story of Foodzie. The second video follows the food adventures Emily takes on with Aida Mollenkamp from FoodCrafters.  They explore the Ferry Building Plaza while Aida picks out her favorite entertaining treats for the tasting box.

Please take note of the music in both videos. Their CDs make great holiday gifts;)
Story of Foodzie: Harper Blynn, Ben Suchy & Hello Kavita
The Weekend Market: Griz, Calvin Locklear, Harper Blynn, The Autumn Film, and Rosie & Me

The Story of Foodzie

The Weekend Market

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out a new music web series I’m making with Christy Kruzick, The Window Seat. This episode we meet up with the lovely Mates of State at The Bluebird Theatre in Denver. The show has all sorts of video segments ranging from meeting bands, Dance Cards, Secret Ingredients and more. You can subscribe here.

It’s time to take a break and post some of the inspiring films out there that I love.  Summarized:

#1.  Amelie.
I first saw this film in the U.S. but during the spring of 2002 spent a semester in Paris studying French along with going to see Amelie in the theatre NINE times.  I also visited the cafe in the film.  I was so lucky to have studied in France while this film was out in the threatres. This movie rocks because it is gorgeous and follows a charming story of a shy yet undeniably creative girl.  Amelie’s imagination is endless, objects come to life!  It’s also about doing good, even the small things can have big results. It’s a clever love story and listening to anything in French is delightful.  If you haven’t seen this classic, see it tonight!

#2. The Royal Tenenbaums.
Pretty much anything by Wes Anderson is brilliant.  Sometimes I wonder, wait what’s the story and I’m reminded it’s the colors, locations, people, music, all of the small things in life added together.  I love his style, when you watch a Wes Anderson film you know it’s his.

#3. Little Miss Sunshine.
I love this film, the music, the acting, the story! This is definitely one of my favorites! I actually tried to watch it at the hospital while waiting for Liam to be born. Yes, that is probably too much information. I also happen to be attracted to films that have a road trip involved. It’s a dark comedy, so if you’re into those kinds of films watch it tonight (or again if you have already seen it).

#4. Into the Wild.
This film is based on the book by John Karkauer which is based on the true story… how do you execute that?  Well, score the film with songs from Eddie Vedder, cast Emilie Hirsch and hire Sean Penn as the director.  This film makes me want to go on a road trip and just hang out in nature, take a break from society.  Trailer.

#5. The Hangover.
Yep, The Hangover.  Not only is it funny but executed beautifully.  For some crazy reason I believe when watching this movie that everything in it actually happened.  The soundtrack is perfect, the cinematography is beautiful (check out the opening credit sequence), and the casting/acting is right on.  Trailer.

#6. Dogtown and the Z-boys.
This is an amazing documentary with footage from the 70′s in Southern California.  It tells an interesting story on the rise of skateboarding.  Brian introduced me to this film while we were living in CA so it also reminds me of the good times I had while in L.A.  Although I didn’t skateboard and failed at surfing, I love watching this upbeat historical documentary.  Trailer.

These are just some of the films I love and can watch over and over again.  I also love Thelma and Lousie, Fight Club and so many more that I will remember soon and probably add to this post. What are some of your favorites?

Hello Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, cousins, everyone!  Ever since I got the domain name Made with True Love I’ve wanted to do something fun with it. I’m clearly addicted to taking videos & photos (especially of our new baby boy) and thought if only I had some place to gather and display all of these ideas.  Perhaps parents would be inspired and it could be a creative outlet related to babies!   I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I just couldn’t NOT do it.  So with that, here is Made with True Love, a place people can come to learn and get different ideas on how to document their pregnancy and baby’s growth.  It’s kind of an experiment and I hope to show lots of clever things other parents are doing plus guest blog posts.  This is one of a few new & fun projects I’m working on, hope you enjoy!

Below is a video made up of about 320 photos Brian took on a weekly basis of my belly growing.  We uploaded them to JobSiteVisitor.com, which really can be used to document anything that is being constructed;)

Baby Belly


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