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Starting at week 20 (half way) Brian and I decided to take photos of fruit and vegetables that resemble the approximate size of our baby, thanks to iVillage’s comparisons.  If anything by the end we will have a beautiful collage of different textures and colors… or our son will just think we’re crazy.   Probably both.  I did take the liberty of swapping out a zucchini for a pepper in one of the photos.  In the next few weeks we’ll have a separate website dedicated just to baby stuff with ideas on different ways to document your pregnancy and baby.  I’ll keep you posted!

Photography by Brian Sweeney

Today is my Mom’s birthday, Happy Birthday!  She really should have been born on April Fool’s day as she starts to celebrate and trick people a week prior.  My Mom is an extremely talented artist, she is currently painting with pastels.  The photos above include (from left to right) my Mom; then my Aunt Barbara, my Mom, and Grandma.  Yes, that’s right, my aunt was sporting a red afro.

You can see more of my Mom’s artwork on her website, Karen Cotler, which I need to update.

Here are a few of my favorite paintings she’s made.  (left to right) Cape May, a beach town Brian & I got married in, my Mom’s favorite things including scrabble, and of course Zabars her neighborhood deli hangout growing up in New York City.

I’ve posted this video already over a year ago but a friend just reminded me of it so I thought I would throw it out there again. Every time I see the photos and footage from California it makes me extremely nostalgic. What a great time in life, college days, living in L.A., when I first met Brian, sunshine, the beach, making movies …

The great thing is there are some new fun days coming up and I see this as a reminder to embrace the present. I propose taking a camera and shooting some photos and/or video of anything this weekend. Pick a random activity and just film it. I’d love to see what you come up with!  Feel free and post links below.

My Grandpa, Stanley Bernstein, said “We come into this Earth crying and everyone else is smiling, when we leave this Earth we should leave with a smile and everyone else is crying”.

Music: Devotchka

It’s finally here!  March 22-26, 2011 is the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Convention in Las Vegas and JobSiteVisitor will be there!  Here’s a map to JobSiteVisitor’s booth. This is a website my husband, Brian Sweeney a few years ago and then partnered with Mike Scholl.  JobSiteVisitor organizes, manages, & shares construction progress photos.  Before this there wasn’t an easy, efficient, safe way to share progress photos between construction managers, architects, owners, developers, etc.  This is an exciting time and we are pumped for the CONEXPO.

Below is a progress photo walk stop motion video we put together of the Uba Dome construction project in Denver, Colorado.  A family is having Gabriel Todd Construction, LLC. build a dome house, three underground domes that basically processes the energy from the earth to maintain it’s temperature.  Pretty amazing.  This video follows the easy steps to take progress photos which then are uploaded and organized to  I will also be making more fun random videos of the experience in Vegas so stay tuned!

More on JobSiteVisitor:
Denver Union Station
Example Project – You can subscribe to this projects updates too!
JobSiteVisitor’s YouTube Channel

Boy or Girl?

I wrote before that there was another surprise. Well, this is it. Estimated date of arrival July 27, 2011.
We would like to thank Grandma Lucy for letting us film in her backyard, Owen for being the star, and Rosie and Me for letting us use their song Bonfire.  Expect many more videos to come…

20 Weeks : the coconut

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Suess

Today is a special day for many reasons.  One is, it’s Brian’s birthday!  The other is a surprise…  For now I made this short video with footage I found starting in 2004 when we met in Los Angeles, California to September of 2010 in Colorado.  Happy Birthday Brian!  I love you infinity.

I love Brian Sweeney.

January 21, 2011 our friends Brett & Deanna got married on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Their wedding really was perfect.  Click here to see some of the beautiful photos Brian took.  You can watch more of their videos here.

Deanna & Brett | Wedding

Today is my Grandma’s birthday, she would have been 85 years old.  We miss her so much.  My Grandma, Charlotte, was born in New York City and lived there her entire life.  My Grandma’s parents both came alone in their early teens on a boat from Russia.   My Great Grandpa had his own photography studio in New York, taking after his Dad who was a photographer in Russia.  I proudly come from a long line of photographers.  My Grandma was an extremely popular woman, as we could not go anywhere in the Upper West Side, let alone the entire city, without bumping into a friend.  She was extremely welcoming, thoughtful, and cheerful.

Although my Grandma is no longer here, her memories and heart will always be with us.  It was a great time in life when my Aunt and cousins would meet us at Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment.  My cousin and I would sneak into comedy clubs, bring ice cream into the movies, and drink hot chocolate at the local book store.  I miss our pizza excursions, going to the Macy’s Day Parade followed by Chinese food for Thanksgiving dinner, and really just being in the same room as my Grandma.

With all of this said, I only have a little footage of my Grandparents towards the end of their life and I wish I started recording sooner.  Despite if it seems trivial or your family doesn’t like the camera, at the least sneak a few shots.  This kind of footage is priceless.

Photography Adventure

One of my best friends from growing up was visiting and of course we went on a photography adventure.  Elissa bought a one way ticket from Kabul to Denver, finding herself in the lovely mountain town of Golden taking random photos with me.  It was great.  It’s wonderful to have her close to home again.  She is an amazingly talented photographer/journalist/videographer & adventurer.  Definitely check out her work.