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Let’s go back to the summer of 2004.  This brings us to Los Angeles, California in USC’s Cinema production division.  I decided to take a summer documentary course taught by Wendy Apple.  It was a lot of fun, meeting students from all over the world, and I ended up with this video on a 6’7″ German surfer, The Alchemy Hour.  It was definitely a video I created many years ago as its hopefully obvious.

I remember our professor mentioning how she was directing a documentary on editing.  I’ve always had an interest in editing, ever since the beginning.  From in-camera editing when I was probably 10 years old to being able to edit in high school in our TV production class, taught by the wonderful Mr. Profeta, a.k.a. Pro.  I love editing.  It’s magic, that simple.  Why?  Just by the choices you make when cutting, where you place various shots & audio, for how long… you have the control to create completely different worlds.  I wish I could edit life!

Wendy Apple’s documentary on editing always stuck in the back of my mind, curious how I could watch it.  Thanks to another student in the class, I recently found it!  The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing can be bought or rented!  It’s rather intriguing and enjoyable to hear directors, actors, and other successful people in the film industry talking about editing.

Believe it or not, in the early days editors were mostly women as cutting film could be compared to sewing.  Today, as I’ve read here, only 18% of movie editors are women.  I believe we were the last class at USC to be able to edit our 16mm black & white shorts using a flatbed.  Quite the experience!  It helps put things in perspective.  Thank goodness for non-linear editing.  I hope you can check out this documentary, I definitely recommend it.

One of my favorite experiences in life was college, attending the University of Southern California for Cinema/TV: Production is something I will always appreciate and cherish.  I definitely encourage anyone to apply to their dream school or any far fetched opportunity out there.  We don’t get anywhere if we don’t at least try.  As the Grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine says, “Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.”

I stumbled across this video about: USC School of Cinematic Arts Alumni Tribute

I’ve posted this video already over a year ago but a friend just reminded me of it so I thought I would throw it out there again. Every time I see the photos and footage from California it makes me extremely nostalgic. What a great time in life, college days, living in L.A., when I first met Brian, sunshine, the beach, making movies …

The great thing is there are some new fun days coming up and I see this as a reminder to embrace the present. I propose taking a camera and shooting some photos and/or video of anything this weekend. Pick a random activity and just film it. I’d love to see what you come up with!  Feel free and post links below.

My Grandpa, Stanley Bernstein, said “We come into this Earth crying and everyone else is smiling, when we leave this Earth we should leave with a smile and everyone else is crying”.

Music: Devotchka

Photography Adventure

One of my best friends from growing up was visiting and of course we went on a photography adventure.  Elissa bought a one way ticket from Kabul to Denver, finding herself in the lovely mountain town of Golden taking random photos with me.  It was great.  It’s wonderful to have her close to home again.  She is an amazingly talented photographer/journalist/videographer & adventurer.  Definitely check out her work.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!  It’s a great day, an excuse to hug and kiss the person you love.. even more.  Seven years ago today Brian and I were living in Los Angeles and after a long day at the beach we found ourselves in the West Hollywood Chipotle, this is where it all began.  Some sun, sand, a burrito, and love.

I made this super quick video above in honor of Valentine’s Day. “Have a big heart, it’s good for your pulse” – Owen Sweeney

This is a video I made last Valentines Day of Owen: Rules of Love.  You can also watch & subscribe to Owen’s Vimeo Channel.

Over five years ago Brian and I moved from Los Angeles to Denver.  It was a huge move and we decided to turn the move into an gigantic road trip which we documented and called Milk Run.  Once we officially moved, our road trip started in Denver and ended a month later traveling through 9 states and Canada.  We camped the majority of the time and saw gorgeous places such as Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Yosemite.  I thought it would be clever to stop at every state sign along the way wearing our American Apparel outfits and dance.  It seemed obvious of course.  The trip was a blast and I can’t believe how much time has passed since then.  It’s time for another road trip…

I was just reminded of this music video I made years ago featuring our bad dance moves when my brother recently posted it on  Thanks to Douglas my videos get more plays because he posts them to reddit, which is user-generated news links where votes promote stories to the front page.  Another site like this is Digg.  So take that as a marketing tip from my brother: a free way to try and get more views, post & share your work.  Just be prepared for positive and negative comments.  The public will always decide if it’s interesting.

Milk Run Music Video

Facts About Projecton Occasionally if I see a random video out there that I just love so much, I’ll post it.  I saw this video by Studiocanoe on vimeo a long time ago but rediscovered it & think it’s worth writing about. I absolutely love it, the style, music, & those seemingly random breaking pursuits. It definitely reminds me of Wes Anderson, one of my favorite directors, but it also reminds me of college. We were supposedly the last class to shoot & edit 16mm film at USC, using a flatbed to cut it.  What an opportunity and experience.  Hope you enjoy the video above.  Studiocanoe also made this clever video Build Anything.

More on memories from California.

Photos of USC Cinema buddies:

For those of you missing the snow, here is a quick video with some Colorado winter scenery.  We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and happy new year.

Thank you to everyone for the support and helping create fun stories to share.  I’m extremely happy and ready for the new year with some exciting new projects.  Please keep me posted with what you’re up to!

Happy New Year!

Random Adventures

I’m really in the mood for a mini adventure.  This is a short video I made a long time ago and includes random moments I filmed from Costa Rica, Hawaii, to road trips in the west.  Thought I would post it for fun.  This weekend is a good time for a new adventure!