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January 21, 2011 our friends Brett & Deanna got married on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Their wedding really was perfect.  Click here to see some of the beautiful photos Brian took.  You can watch more of their videos here.

Deanna & Brett | Wedding

Deanna & Brett : Trailer no.2

Today is a wonderful day because it’s Deanna’s birthday!  In honor of her circling the sun again here is Brett & Deanna’s wedding trailer no.2.  We wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Here is sneak peek no. 1 of Brett & Deanna’s wedding adventures in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Brian took the photos and I filmed with some wonderful help from the beautiful scenery and photogenic couple.  More to come… you can also subscribe to their channel.

Deanna & Brett Wedding Trailer 01

Brian and I were lucky enough to be invited down to Isla Mujeres, Mexico and film Brett & Deanna’s wedding adventures.  We explored the island on a golf cart/moped, swam with fish, ate lots of guacamole, and watched Brett & Deanna get married on a beautiful beach at sunset.  There will be lots more videos and photos to come so keep checking back.  Below is a short dance video featuring the charming Brett & Deanna.

Brett & Deanna | Dance Party

Over five years ago Brian and I moved from Los Angeles to Denver.  It was a huge move and we decided to turn the move into an gigantic road trip which we documented and called Milk Run.  Once we officially moved, our road trip started in Denver and ended a month later traveling through 9 states and Canada.  We camped the majority of the time and saw gorgeous places such as Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Yosemite.  I thought it would be clever to stop at every state sign along the way wearing our American Apparel outfits and dance.  It seemed obvious of course.  The trip was a blast and I can’t believe how much time has passed since then.  It’s time for another road trip…

I was just reminded of this music video I made years ago featuring our bad dance moves when my brother recently posted it on  Thanks to Douglas my videos get more plays because he posts them to reddit, which is user-generated news links where votes promote stories to the front page.  Another site like this is Digg.  So take that as a marketing tip from my brother: a free way to try and get more views, post & share your work.  Just be prepared for positive and negative comments.  The public will always decide if it’s interesting.

Milk Run Music Video

Tom  & Laura | Trailer no.2

I made a bonus trailer of Tom & Laura’s wedding in Annecy, France from this past July.  It was a gorgeous wedding with some of my favorite people.  Annecy is a charming town on a lake in the French Alps.  I definitely recommend visiting Annecy.  Below are just a few beautiful photographs Brian took.

Watch more of their wedding movies.

Face A Face

This past July Brian and I found ourselves in Avignon, France.  We were invited to film our friends’ wedding in Annecy and traveled a bit after to Cannes, Avignon, & Geneva.  In Avignon every July, we discovered that there is a massive theatre festival, Festival d’Avignon.  There were hundreds of people wondering around Avignon performing and promoting their groups for the evening shows.  We spotted a French dance group, Face A Face, from our hotel window and so I filmed some of their dance moves.

I’m starting to make more of an effort to archive any footage I shoot, meaning I do something with even the small random stuff I capture.  This video is a good example of “archiving”.  It took me a hour to put it together and now I have a fun video from our week in France.  Please note that this does not replace the process of really archiving your footage by backing it up.  The ironic part of this video is while we were exploring Avignon & filming wild French theatre enthusiasts, our plane was leaving Switzerland back for the U.S.  We missed our flight, thinking it departed on a different day!  Five days later and a good chunk of money we finally got home with a story to tell.

Please share any random travel videos and stories you have!

Less Bark, More Wag

Last fall I flew out to San Fransisco for work and like always, had to stop by Pier 39.  It’s a tourist trap but I love it regardless.  Along with housing shops & restaurants, Pier 39 is home to California Sea Lions.  I decided to get some shots of them while visiting and made this quick fun video.

Easier said than done: bark less, wag more.