In 2003 I decided to try & get my own radio show. At the time, University of Southern California’s radio waves did not exceed too far out of south central but we did have an online presence. Listeners could tune in from anywhere in the world via web. In order to have your own radio show it was a requirement to intern with one first. I chose the reggae guy at 11pm on Sundays. I even went to a reggae festival in San Diego to try and make up for my lack of knowledge on the genre. Not sure if anyone has been to a reggae festival inside a stadium in California, it was interesting.

I eventually got a time slot and decided my radio show would be – The Happy Show. Focused on music that inspires & makes listeners happy. I had two interns and would frequently send them off on campus with my tape recorder to interview students on what made them happy. It was great! One of my only loyal listeners was Alan Cotler, my Dad, a Philadelphia lawyer with no idea how to use the internet. Every Thursday he would have his secretary set it up. My Mom listened as well. I’m not sure if I knew he was listening to my show until I got the first call. He just wanted to let us know he was a happy listener. This was extremely valuable information and I tried not to talk about my weekend plans or anything scandalous… anymore. Not that I did anything wrong. Those were some great days. The week ended on Thursday with The Happy Show, no classes Fridays, and Southern California at my finger tips. Following The Happy Show was Tough but Tender, radio host Ben. Pretty funny & random.

One of the few interviews I actually got to have with bands was with G.Love & Special Sauce’s, Garret Dutton (a.k.a. G.Love) He is also from Philly. The interview didn’t go so well. I was really nervous calling him on speaker and recording the conversation to play on The Happy Show. I actually spent an hour last night sitting in a car with a tape player listening to the interview with G.Love & another band Townhall. I thought it might be funny enough to record and include in this post, but it was just too embarrassing.

What’s the purpose of writing this? Well I have to start blogging about something and why not happiness. Like the theme in Rushmore, find what makes you happy and do it for the rest of your life.

After five years in California, Brian and I decided to take the risk and move to Colorado. Here we are in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. The big question is will we stay or go back.

This is the five years spent on the west coast squeezed into three minutes: photographs, film, video, anything I could find.