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This past July Brian and I found ourselves in Avignon, France.  We were invited to film our friends’ wedding in Annecy and traveled a bit after to Cannes, Avignon, & Geneva.  In Avignon every July, we discovered that there is a massive theatre festival, Festival d’Avignon.  There were hundreds of people wondering around Avignon performing and promoting their groups for the evening shows.  We spotted a French dance group, Face A Face, from our hotel window and so I filmed some of their dance moves.

I’m starting to make more of an effort to archive any footage I shoot, meaning I do something with even the small random stuff I capture.  This video is a good example of “archiving”.  It took me a hour to put it together and now I have a fun video from our week in France.  Please note that this does not replace the process of really archiving your footage by backing it up.  The ironic part of this video is while we were exploring Avignon & filming wild French theatre enthusiasts, our plane was leaving Switzerland back for the U.S.  We missed our flight, thinking it departed on a different day!  Five days later and a good chunk of money we finally got home with a story to tell.

Please share any random travel videos and stories you have!

I’ve made some trailers and recently completed Kara & Dave’s wedding movie.  This was the wedding Brian & I documented in Larkspur, Colorado.  To see more photos and all of the videos.

Kara & Dave’s Wedding Movie

I’ve been meaning to write about Panasonic for a while.  My good friend/talented cinematographer, Gene Park, told me about a competition Panasonic is having, good timing.  It’s called Shoot it | Share it and submissions end tomorrow (Friday 5pm EST). Please vote and submit!

HD Videos I submitted:
Do More Faster
The Founders Trailer
A Homerun
Tom & Laura Get Married Trailer
Fall Colors

Between the two most recent Panasonic cameras I’ve owned (DVX & HPX) I have shot from helicopters, boats, hot air balloons, to startups… a wide variety of subjects.  Not to say you can’t do this with other cameras but I have greatly enjoyed the results from Panasonic. A few months ago I was in the process of buying an HD camera.  I chose the Panasonic HPX170 for several reasons.  Compared to the other cameras out there in the same category, the HPX was the most affordable, light-weight, user-friendly, & still great quality.  To make the big leap from SD to HD was easy.  I’ve fallen in love with my HPX and bring it most everywhere I go, documenting as much as I can.

Helicopter Shots

After a summer of documenting tech startups in Boulder, Colorado going through TechStars, I was left with (12) 6 minute episodes and tons of footage.  Thanks to the series sponsor, The Rackspace Cloud, I was able to make The Founders web series.  I took some of my favorite moments and compiled them into the trailer below.  Want to know what it’s like to be in TechStars and build a tech company?

The Founders Trailer 01

Watch all of The Founders episodes

At the end of September Brian and I took a quick trip into the mountains to try and catch some of the leaves changing.  I used to take this for granted, perhaps it was while living in Los Angeles where there aren’t any seasons.  Fall in the Rocky Mountains is incredible!  We got lucky and it was perfect as we camped on Twin Lakes and drove into Aspen.  I debated about bringing my video camera.  Sometimes I should live in the moment but for me I just can’t go somewhere beautiful without documenting it.  …and when it’s all over I’m so happy that I have the footage.  One of my favorite places is Independence Pass and during the fall it is sooooooooooooo beautiful!

I think this will be a good weekend in Denver to see some colors.  Hope to see some of your photos or video!

Fall Color

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(just a little something) The Ship and the Sea

A few months ago Brian & I helped Tifah Phillips & Reid Phillips, from The Autumn Film, make a fun short stop motion on their album, The Ship and the Sea.  I’m a little late getting this out but it’s just a tiny sneak peak into making the “What you get in your CD” video.  If you buy the album you will not only receive lovely music but artwork by Grant Blakeman.  .. as the video (above) shows.  I’m hanging ours in our house!  We just spent a few hours with Tifah & Reid, had a great time and learned a bit more about stop motion.

I picked up The Autumn Film t-shirt and I’m not joking when I say I’ve received so many compliments while wearing the t-shirt.  I’m also lucky enough to be able to feature their music, as you might have heard in The Founders series.  Actually The Founders is book-ended with The Autumn Film, the first and last episode end with their song, “Mended”.  ..and I’m just one of their fans.

I stumbled across another music video from Darwin Deez.  The music video I love from a few months ago is “Radar Detector”. These kinds of videos inspire me to want to make music videos.

I did have a chance to make this video on Paper Bird, “Livin’ Lucky”.  It’s something I did a few years ago and didn’t have much time.  We spent two hours & were able to shoot in a lightrail.  Regardless it was somewhat experimental, fun and a great opportunity into possibly making more music videos.

Darwin Deez “Constellations”

Also see my post on Ace, the other music video on Darwin Deez.

Here’s trailer no. 02 of Kara & Dave’s beautiful wedding in Larkspur, Colorado.

Kara & Dave | Trailer 02

Photography by Brian Sweeney

See Kara & Dave’s wedding trailer 01
To Weddings

A day trip in the Model A… just for the fun of it.  Photos & Video below:

The first time I met Brian’s parents was Labor Day weekend in 2004.  We flew from L.A. to Colorado and that was the weekend of the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, which we attended.  I like to call it the national license plate convention.  This was just an introduction for me.  Since then I have been lucky to learn more about license plates, chauffer badges, woodwork, and lots of other interesting subjects that I’m normally not exposed to, such as old cars.

My father-in-law, Mike, had a Model A growing up.  His Grandfather bought the Model A in 1959 for $150.  Recently Mike rebuilt the engine and we took it on a short trip into the mountains.  We had a lovely picnic thanks to C. Sweens, a.k.a Cindy Sweeney.  Thank you for letting us film you guys the entire trip!

Mike is part of The Rocky Mountain Model A Club in Franktown & The Model A Ford Club of Colorado, Inc. in Denver.  He’s a great resource so check out his website (under construction).

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