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The Founders is a series created for TechStars in Boulder, Colorado. I followed young startup companies on an adventurous summer in a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program. I produced, directed, shot & edited the entire series. Scroll down to see all of the episodes. What is was like to make… Behind The Founders.

Episode 14 | Reunion

Episode 13 | Bean Town

Episode 12 | The Beginning

Episode 11 | Practice like you Play

Episode 10 | Crunch Time

Episode 9 | It’s about doing

Episode 8 | Your Best Friend

Episode 7 | Baby Steps

Episode 6 | Around the World

Episode 5 | Engaging Mentors

Episode 4 | Skills & Persistence

Episode 3 | A Community Party

Episode 2 | Orientation

Episode 1 | The Selected Few

Special Thanks to
David Cohen
Brad Feld
Shawn Broderick
All of the TechStars Companies & Mentors
Nicole Glaros
Andrew Hyde
Tim Falls
Josh Whitney