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Paul – Baseball

I wrote about my brother, Paul, before but wanted to give an update.  Since I made this video (above) at the beginning of the summer a lot has happened.  Jesse Biddle, the pitcher from the opposing team, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies.  Sisters are allowed to brag…  Paul will be playing baseball & attending the University of Pennsylvania starting in the fall of 2011!

Lastly, I would like to remind Paul before he continues into the next phase of his educational career of one thing that he made years ago:

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This brings us to Lower Merion, PA.  Home to the R5, Kobe, & the Cotlers.  I have not lived in Pennsylvania since I graduated high school ten years ago in 2000. It’s always nice to go home. I think revisiting places like this is a not so subtle reminder of where you are from & it can give you a refreshing perspective.

A few weeks ago, I finally made the big leap and got an HD camera (Panasonic HPX). Impulsively I found myself back home a few days later, thanks to my Mom.  I went to my brother’s baseball game and created this quick video of Paul, my first video in HD.  Nothing serious, just for fun.  Paul plays baseball for Friend’s Central. (more…)