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Let’s go back to the summer of 2004.  This brings us to Los Angeles, California in USC’s Cinema production division.  I decided to take a summer documentary course taught by Wendy Apple.  It was a lot of fun, meeting students from all over the world, and I ended up with this video on a 6’7″ German surfer, The Alchemy Hour.  It was definitely a video I created many years ago as its hopefully obvious.

I remember our professor mentioning how she was directing a documentary on editing.  I’ve always had an interest in editing, ever since the beginning.  From in-camera editing when I was probably 10 years old to being able to edit in high school in our TV production class, taught by the wonderful Mr. Profeta, a.k.a. Pro.  I love editing.  It’s magic, that simple.  Why?  Just by the choices you make when cutting, where you place various shots & audio, for how long… you have the control to create completely different worlds.  I wish I could edit life!

Wendy Apple’s documentary on editing always stuck in the back of my mind, curious how I could watch it.  Thanks to another student in the class, I recently found it!  The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing can be bought or rented!  It’s rather intriguing and enjoyable to hear directors, actors, and other successful people in the film industry talking about editing.

Believe it or not, in the early days editors were mostly women as cutting film could be compared to sewing.  Today, as I’ve read here, only 18% of movie editors are women.  I believe we were the last class at USC to be able to edit our 16mm black & white shorts using a flatbed.  Quite the experience!  It helps put things in perspective.  Thank goodness for non-linear editing.  I hope you can check out this documentary, I definitely recommend it.

I’ve posted this video already over a year ago but a friend just reminded me of it so I thought I would throw it out there again. Every time I see the photos and footage from California it makes me extremely nostalgic. What a great time in life, college days, living in L.A., when I first met Brian, sunshine, the beach, making movies …

The great thing is there are some new fun days coming up and I see this as a reminder to embrace the present. I propose taking a camera and shooting some photos and/or video of anything this weekend. Pick a random activity and just film it. I’d love to see what you come up with!  Feel free and post links below.

My Grandpa, Stanley Bernstein, said “We come into this Earth crying and everyone else is smiling, when we leave this Earth we should leave with a smile and everyone else is crying”.

Music: Devotchka

Less Bark, More Wag

Last fall I flew out to San Fransisco for work and like always, had to stop by Pier 39.  It’s a tourist trap but I love it regardless.  Along with housing shops & restaurants, Pier 39 is home to California Sea Lions.  I decided to get some shots of them while visiting and made this quick fun video.

Easier said than done: bark less, wag more.

In the four years I spent at USC, I met tons of talented & interesting people.  I wrote about my friend Kyle Ruddick a few months ago and his project One Day on Earth.  This October 10th (10.10.10) is the day that filmmakers all across the world will collaborate and document what they see in life.  Check it out, you can be part of it!

In the middle of the summer I was exploring different videos on vimeo and ran across this music video of Darwin Deez.  I love it!  I noticed that the director is a guy named Ace Norton.  I recognized that name!  Ace graduated from USC, not sure if he would remember me but regardless it’s such a great feeling to see all the wonderful projects my friends are working on… more to come.

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

In 2003 I decided to try & get my own radio show. At the time, University of Southern California’s radio waves did not exceed too far out of south central but we did have an online presence. Listeners could tune in from anywhere in the world via web. In order to have your own radio show it was a requirement to intern with one first. I chose the reggae guy at 11pm on Sundays. I even went to a reggae festival in San Diego to try and make up for my lack of knowledge on the genre. Not sure if anyone has been to a reggae festival inside a stadium in California, it was interesting.