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Valentines Day, 2004 Brian gave me a polaroid camera.  We were living in L.A. & took it to Zuma beach.  We took tons of photos while living in California (some polaroids above).  Since then polaroid film is hard to find and expensive.  We’ve really enjoyed using various polaroid and photography apps to give the same effect.  It’s obviously not the same, but still fun!  One of the downfalls is that the photos aren’t printed the same way polaroids are.  That instant gratification in your hand no longer exists.  A solution: make a book!  Polaroid Love is a book of random images we took with polaroid filters added.  Sneak peek below…  Your turn!

Polaroid Love by Sweencot
| Make Your Own Book

Caitlin Shey introduced me to this summer.  We printed mini cards for TechStars “The Founders” web series.  I recently printed mini business cards for myself using different color headsets (below).  Moo allows you to upload several images or you can use Moo designs.  You can also make postcards, sticker books, greeting cards, & more. For the next 72 hours Moo is offering 30% off printed products!  I love Moo & think you will too.  Check out more on Moo Printfinity.

Logo designed by Anthony Dimitre

I’m super excited about these new logos designed by Anthony Dimitre.  He’s a freelance graphic designer in Boulder, Colorado.  I’m just one of his fans.  Anthony also designed Brian’s logo & web pages for JobSiteVisitor.  You can see more of his designs here.