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Let’s go back to the summer of 2004.  This brings us to Los Angeles, California in USC’s Cinema production division.  I decided to take a summer documentary course taught by Wendy Apple.  It was a lot of fun, meeting students from all over the world, and I ended up with this video on a 6’7″ German surfer, The Alchemy Hour.  It was definitely a video I created many years ago as its hopefully obvious.

I remember our professor mentioning how she was directing a documentary on editing.  I’ve always had an interest in editing, ever since the beginning.  From in-camera editing when I was probably 10 years old to being able to edit in high school in our TV production class, taught by the wonderful Mr. Profeta, a.k.a. Pro.  I love editing.  It’s magic, that simple.  Why?  Just by the choices you make when cutting, where you place various shots & audio, for how long… you have the control to create completely different worlds.  I wish I could edit life!

Wendy Apple’s documentary on editing always stuck in the back of my mind, curious how I could watch it.  Thanks to another student in the class, I recently found it!  The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing can be bought or rented!  It’s rather intriguing and enjoyable to hear directors, actors, and other successful people in the film industry talking about editing.

Believe it or not, in the early days editors were mostly women as cutting film could be compared to sewing.  Today, as I’ve read here, only 18% of movie editors are women.  I believe we were the last class at USC to be able to edit our 16mm black & white shorts using a flatbed.  Quite the experience!  It helps put things in perspective.  Thank goodness for non-linear editing.  I hope you can check out this documentary, I definitely recommend it.

I’m so excited to announce a new web series I’m working on with Joy Parrish for Uninterrupted TV.  It’s called Making Luck (working title) and follows struggling teens as we try and introduce them to their dream experience and/or mentor. This is an opportunity we want to help give these teens to show them you create your own luck. They can define their own future and work to choose their desired path.  Stay tuned for these teens’ adventures from meeting their dream mentor to experiencing some unknown adventures.

If you know of any kids or potential mentors feel free to contact me or Joy.

Making Luck Trailer

Making Luck

Music in the trailer includes The Autumn Film, Harper Blynn, & The Sexies.

The Founders Trailer no.2

Here is a new trailer I made on The Founders (video above), a web series that documents the adventures of tech startups going through TechStars.  It’s fun highlighting some of my favorite moments from the entire summer & compressing it into a two-minute trailer.  I ended up shooting over 30 hours of footage which turned into (12) 5-minute episodes… The Founders.  It was quite an adventurous summer as I found myself hanging out of helicopters, following startups, & meeting tons of interesting people.  Below is the first trailer I made on The Founders.  Always love to hear from you: which trailer you like better and why.

The Founders Trailer no.1

After a summer of documenting tech startups in Boulder, Colorado going through TechStars, I was left with (12) 6 minute episodes and tons of footage.  Thanks to the series sponsor, The Rackspace Cloud, I was able to make The Founders web series.  I took some of my favorite moments and compiled them into the trailer below.  Want to know what it’s like to be in TechStars and build a tech company?

The Founders Trailer 01

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“We’re Not Alone” is the 6th episode from The Founders web series for TechStars.  No matter if you are starting a business or sailing around the world, when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, things get complicated.  It can feel like you’re fighting against the current by yourself.  It’s easy to forget that their is a support group behind you.  Just like we all should be there for our friends & family, people are there for you.
The Founders | Episode 7 | We’re Not Alone

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Music Featured:
What About Pluto | Hello Kavita | The Autumn Film


Here we go again!  I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to make weekly 5-minute episodes on TechStars for the second summer.  Thanks to David Cohen & Brad Feld for bringing me on again to create The Founders series.  A special thanks to the sponsor Rackspace Cloud for making it all happen.

It started 2 years ago when I made a video on TechStars for Current TV, David asked the following summer if I would be interested in making weekly webisodes, I said hell ya!  This brings us to the summer of 2010.  You can read more on last summer here.

Photo to the right – David Cohen watching rough cut of episode 1 (more…)

There are so many women out there accomplishing extraordinary things.  Do we know who they are and what they’re doing?