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The Window Seat Trailer

Wondering what I’ve been up to in the last year?  I’ve had several ongoing projects that I greatly enjoy, working with some wonderfully talented people.  ..with that, I’m super thrilled to tell you about a new web series I’m working on with the delightfully brilliant Christy Lee. The Window Seat is a music web series where we are taken on a magical adventure, a dance party of astronomical proportions. What does this mean? We will be bringing you all sorts of tiny parcels and segments all relating to music. The main episodes will consist of us spending some time with a band as Christy interviews and gets a personal look at them. The two singer/song writers in this trailer are Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Calvin Locklear. We love them and all of the bands we’ve interviewed so far.

We are getting extremely close to a release date but wanted to get the word out.  So, there will be a new music web series coming soon! Let us know if there are any bands you would love to see featured or if you just want to say hi.

Please stay tuned for The Window Seat and let us know if you have any questions. For now, please enjoy the trailer.  Love, Megan & Christy

I absolutely love the band Rosie & Me and am truly honored to be able to feature their music!  Rosie and Me is charming and addictive.  The five-piece Brazilian band, released “Bird and Whale” in 2010, after their first homemade songs gained popularity on the web. They’re mentioned in more than 80 music blogs worldwide and gained dedicated listeners in several countries, which lead to an invitation to perform at 2011 SXSW and NXNE (Canada).  The band draws from their culture to enhance the American folk influence, which makes their sound a little more unique.  I love them and look forward to hearing their new music.  You can follow Rosie and Me’s updates on twitter.

Rosie and Me includes Rosanne Machado (vocals/acoustic guitars/banjo), Ivan Camargo (acoustic guitars), Thomas Kossar (electric guitars), Guilherme Miranda (bass guitars) and Tiago Barbosa (drums/perc).

I’m excited to announce a new band to the delightful collection of original music, b.sous.  I met Brandi on a Looking UP shoot for Uninterrupted TV and this is where I discovered her fun French music.  Pronounced Bee Sue, b.sous was named one of the “12 Bands to Look Out for in 2008″ by Denver’s alternative weekly newspaper, Westword.   b.sous finds some of the brightest stars in Denver’s scene and brings them to the stage in a full-on flash of cuteness and home-made sounds.  The group gets inspiration for their quirky name from an amalgamation of sources: The French word bisous (“to kiss”), along with a band member’s name, Brandi Sue.  Check out more on b.sous.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the musicians and bands I’ve been honored to feature in my work over the last several years.  Please check them out, go to their shows & even just send them an e-mail if you love their music.  If you’re curious about a particular song in any of my videos, please feel free and ask me.  I’ll send you in the right direction.   I’m looking for new music to feature!  Do you know any bands looking for more exposure or perhaps you write music?  Please contact me and I would love to check out your music.

Currently I’m working on three new web series I’m very excited to talk about!  The new web series include Making Luck for Uninterrupted TV where we follow the stories of young teens going through major obstacles and introduce them to any mentor or experience in the world.  It’s a challenge and we are trying to prove to the teens (and ourselves) that anything is possible and that it’s your choice how you play the cards you were dealt.  I love working with Joy Parrish and look forward to sharing the episodes with everyone.  I’m also working with the beautifully talented Christy Lee on a music web series called The Window Seat where Christy interviews bands and we film tons of other unique random music related segments, surprise details to come.  Lastly, I’m happy to work with Ryan Ross again on an untraditional adventure travel show for Vail Resorts on the series Après Adventures.  Definitely check them out!  I love to hear from everyone.

Every month I will be doing a featured playlist of the music in some of my various projects. Stay tuned!

February’s Featured Playlist

(just a little something) The Ship and the Sea

A few months ago Brian & I helped Tifah Phillips & Reid Phillips, from The Autumn Film, make a fun short stop motion on their album, The Ship and the Sea.  I’m a little late getting this out but it’s just a tiny sneak peak into making the “What you get in your CD” video.  If you buy the album you will not only receive lovely music but artwork by Grant Blakeman.  .. as the video (above) shows.  I’m hanging ours in our house!  We just spent a few hours with Tifah & Reid, had a great time and learned a bit more about stop motion.

I picked up The Autumn Film t-shirt and I’m not joking when I say I’ve received so many compliments while wearing the t-shirt.  I’m also lucky enough to be able to feature their music, as you might have heard in The Founders series.  Actually The Founders is book-ended with The Autumn Film, the first and last episode end with their song, “Mended”.  ..and I’m just one of their fans.

I stumbled across another music video from Darwin Deez.  The music video I love from a few months ago is “Radar Detector”. These kinds of videos inspire me to want to make music videos.

I did have a chance to make this video on Paper Bird, “Livin’ Lucky”.  It’s something I did a few years ago and didn’t have much time.  We spent two hours & were able to shoot in a lightrail.  Regardless it was somewhat experimental, fun and a great opportunity into possibly making more music videos.

Darwin Deez “Constellations”

Also see my post on Ace, the other music video on Darwin Deez.

Magical Mystery Kind …just for the fun of it

One of my closest friends growing up, Elissa Bogos, came out to visit a few weeks ago.  Elissa currently lives and works out of Kabul, Afghanistan as a photographer/journalist/videographer.  She is creating & documenting AMAZING subjects, which you can find in these well-known publications.  You can see some of her video projects here.  I’m endlessly impressed.  Not only is she magical behind the camera, but also in front of it.  I really was hoping to make a fun video starring Elissa and impulsively she found herself back in the U.S. and we found ourselves in Leadeville, CO.  Together we made this music video just for fun (above) using music from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros “40 Day Dream”.  We drove around and filmed Elissa walking in & out of various scenes with random close ups of our surroundings.  We had a lot of fun and I wish we could do more fun projects like this.  We have a history of being impulsive, random, & innocently mischievous together.

Photos from our Day Trip

In the four years I spent at USC, I met tons of talented & interesting people.  I wrote about my friend Kyle Ruddick a few months ago and his project One Day on Earth.  This October 10th (10.10.10) is the day that filmmakers all across the world will collaborate and document what they see in life.  Check it out, you can be part of it!

In the middle of the summer I was exploring different videos on vimeo and ran across this music video of Darwin Deez.  I love it!  I noticed that the director is a guy named Ace Norton.  I recognized that name!  Ace graduated from USC, not sure if he would remember me but regardless it’s such a great feeling to see all the wonderful projects my friends are working on… more to come.

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

The Founders is a weekly web series documenting the adventures of startup companies in TechStars.

Every episode featured original music from extremely talented bands from all over the U.S.  If there is a song that sticks out in your mind, want to learn more about the music, go to a show… below is the playlist for each episode of The Founders.

This may look overwhelming but if you need help finding a particular episode or song, just ask & I’ll put you in the right direction.  You can also easily search the bands on iTunes.  A gigantic thank you to all the bands!! (more…)