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Happy Valentines Day to everyone!  It’s a great day, an excuse to hug and kiss the person you love.. even more.  Seven years ago today Brian and I were living in Los Angeles and after a long day at the beach we found ourselves in the West Hollywood Chipotle, this is where it all began.  Some sun, sand, a burrito, and love.

I made this super quick video above in honor of Valentine’s Day. “Have a big heart, it’s good for your pulse” – Owen Sweeney

This is a video I made last Valentines Day of Owen: Rules of Love.  You can also watch & subscribe to Owen’s Vimeo Channel.

I couldn’t control myself.  Today is Owen’s birthday so here’s a little bit of love.  My friend, Gene, showed me a trick on my Panasonic HPX.  Instead of slowing down a shot in post, set it up to record in slow motion in your camera.  This gives you a better result.  So I overcranked, shooting at 24pn & 60fps.  In my menu option, I clicked Scene File, Frame Rate, & chose an extremely slow frame rate.  Every camera is different.

I decided to film Owen chasing water in slow motion as an example.  I think you might be amazed at how high Owen can jump.  The key in life is to figure out what you love, and do it forever.

Owen’s Love in Slow Motion


Why take advice from a dog?  Well, dogs love unconditionally.

Owen knows happiness. (more…)