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Starting at week 20 (half way) Brian and I decided to take photos of fruit and vegetables that resemble the approximate size of our baby, thanks to iVillage’s comparisons.  If anything by the end we will have a beautiful collage of different textures and colors… or our son will just think we’re crazy.   Probably both.  I did take the liberty of swapping out a zucchini for a pepper in one of the photos.  In the next few weeks we’ll have a separate website dedicated just to baby stuff with ideas on different ways to document your pregnancy and baby.  I’ll keep you posted!

Photography by Brian Sweeney

Photography Adventure

One of my best friends from growing up was visiting and of course we went on a photography adventure.  Elissa bought a one way ticket from Kabul to Denver, finding herself in the lovely mountain town of Golden taking random photos with me.  It was great.  It’s wonderful to have her close to home again.  She is an amazingly talented photographer/journalist/videographer & adventurer.  Definitely check out her work.

Valentines Day, 2004 Brian gave me a polaroid camera.  We were living in L.A. & took it to Zuma beach.  We took tons of photos while living in California (some polaroids above).  Since then polaroid film is hard to find and expensive.  We’ve really enjoyed using various polaroid and photography apps to give the same effect.  It’s obviously not the same, but still fun!  One of the downfalls is that the photos aren’t printed the same way polaroids are.  That instant gratification in your hand no longer exists.  A solution: make a book!  Polaroid Love is a book of random images we took with polaroid filters added.  Sneak peek below…  Your turn!

Polaroid Love by Sweencot
| Make Your Own Book

Today is my Dad’s birthday & it’s a big one!  Here we are in Philadelphia about 25 years ago.  Happy Birthday Dad!  Thank you for being you.

I found these photos in an old album.  It’s a good reminder to scan any meaningful photographs and documents so you have a digital file backed up.  I do have a surprise present for my Dad, stay tuned!

from JobSiteVisitor on Vimeo. (more…)