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The TechStars Network

One of my favorite parts of filming and making various types of documentary videos is the opportunity to get a realistic glimpse into others’ lives.  It’s like getting a buffet table of knowledge where I get to sample different worlds from skydiving to quilting clubs.  I love my job.  One of the industries I’ve greatly enjoyed documenting is tech, thanks to David Cohen & TechStars.  It has been amazing to witness & document the growth of the entrepreneurial community in Boulder over the last few years.  There has been tons of exciting press on the tech & entrepreneurial community in Boulder from CNBC, Fox to MSNBC.

The TechStars Network launched January 31 as part of the White House Startup America initiative, the video above explains.  The TechStars Network will ensure that 5,000 successful and experienced entrepreneurs and investors will mentor and support 6,000 promising young entrepreneurs, increasing their success rate tenfold and creating 25,000 new jobs by 2015, while creating a sustainable engine for growing these figures over time.  I made this video using footage from The Founders web series and thanks to some cool people in NYC for setting up a camera for David’s interview… first time I interviewed someone on skype.  You can read more on the TechStars commitment with the Startup America Partnership here and also see the video on their site which is super exciting!  If you have an idea you want to pursue, now is a great time to go for it!

Music in this video includes Calvin Locklear, Harper Blynn, & Hello Kavita.  I love their music so definitely check them out.

The Founders Trailer no.2

Here is a new trailer I made on The Founders (video above), a web series that documents the adventures of tech startups going through TechStars.  It’s fun highlighting some of my favorite moments from the entire summer & compressing it into a two-minute trailer.  I ended up shooting over 30 hours of footage which turned into (12) 5-minute episodes… The Founders.  It was quite an adventurous summer as I found myself hanging out of helicopters, following startups, & meeting tons of interesting people.  Below is the first trailer I made on The Founders.  Always love to hear from you: which trailer you like better and why.

The Founders Trailer no.1

After a summer of documenting tech startups in Boulder, Colorado going through TechStars, I was left with (12) 6 minute episodes and tons of footage.  Thanks to the series sponsor, The Rackspace Cloud, I was able to make The Founders web series.  I took some of my favorite moments and compiled them into the trailer below.  Want to know what it’s like to be in TechStars and build a tech company?

The Founders Trailer 01

Watch all of The Founders episodes

Behind the Scenes at TechStars: Eat, Play, Code…  Take a look at what it’s like to document tech startups… Video & Photos below

The Founders Behind the Scenes

Making a weekly documentary series on TechStars is quite the experience & opportunity.  I’m usually behind the camera so I greatly appreciate all of the founders allowing me into their lives, documenting them regardless if they are in a good mood or bad mood, this includes David & Nicole:) Well, we made a Behind the Scenes of TechStars “The Founders”, thanks to Jen Myronuk!  Jen came in and filmed me filming everyone else, she directed this fun short piece.  It’s really a special video to have & was a lot of fun to do!

Please note I shot the entire series with a Panasonic HPX.  Other equipment I used frequently were two Sennheiser wireless mics, a small shotgun mic, an LED camera light, & I carried my laptop & portable hard drives around so I could edit anywhere (since I live in Denver).

Watch TechStars The Founders Series here & also here

Another huge thanks to The Rackspace Cloud, “The Founders” sponsor who without them this would not have been possible. (more…)

I made this quick video on Do More Faster using some shots from the summer of TechStars Boulder 2010 “The Founders” Series. Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup is a book by Brad Feld & David Cohen.  It consists of essays from successful entrepreneurs that participated in TechStars, founders, & mentors, along with David & Brad.  It’s extremely hard to get into TechStars, so the book gives startups insight and advice.  Do More Faster is a phrase that’s used a lot around TechStars.  It’s also painted on David’s door.
Do More Faster

David Cohen & Brad Feld are doing a 12 city book tour starting in Palo Alto on 10/12/10 – more info on the Do More Faster Plancast.  You can follow Do More Faster on Twitter or join the Do More Faster Facebook Page.  You can buy the book here.

The Founders is a weekly web series documenting the adventures of startup companies in TechStars.

Every episode featured original music from extremely talented bands from all over the U.S.  If there is a song that sticks out in your mind, want to learn more about the music, go to a show… below is the playlist for each episode of The Founders.

This may look overwhelming but if you need help finding a particular episode or song, just ask & I’ll put you in the right direction.  You can also easily search the bands on iTunes.  A gigantic thank you to all the bands!! (more…)



“We’re Not Alone” is the 6th episode from The Founders web series for TechStars.  No matter if you are starting a business or sailing around the world, when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, things get complicated.  It can feel like you’re fighting against the current by yourself.  It’s easy to forget that their is a support group behind you.  Just like we all should be there for our friends & family, people are there for you.
The Founders | Episode 7 | We’re Not Alone

View The Founders series.
Music Featured:
What About Pluto | Hello Kavita | The Autumn Film