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Demo : Let’s go on an Adventure

Here is my latest demo reel which includes different projects I’ve shot over the last year.  I like to keep a constant theme in my work, the demo reel above is “let’s go on an adventure”.  Recent demos include, Find what you love to do and do it and It’s the journey not the destination.

Since moving to Colorado several years ago I’ve greatly enjoyed the various projects I’ve been able to work on from travel shows to documentary web series.  I love working on these kinds of videos and aim to focus on music and documentary/adventure genres.  I picked out some of my favorite soundbytes for this new reel, one of them includes Brad Feld, “Everyone needs a laser gun for when the martians come”.  Pretty obvious. What’s yours?

Some of the projects in my new demo include:
TechStars’ The Founders
The Window Seat
Apres Adventures
Looking UP

You can also check out featured projects.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and let me film you!  The music in this demo includes The Drums & Wild Nothing.

After a summer of documenting tech startups in Boulder, Colorado going through TechStars, I was left with (12) 6 minute episodes and tons of footage.  Thanks to the series sponsor, The Rackspace Cloud, I was able to make The Founders web series.  I took some of my favorite moments and compiled them into the trailer below.  Want to know what it’s like to be in TechStars and build a tech company?

The Founders Trailer 01

Watch all of The Founders episodes

Last year we found out our very good friends, Tom & Laura got engaged.  They made the brave decision to hire us to film and photograph their wedding festivities abroad… in Annecy, France.  Brian photographed and I shot video.  It was also a great opportunity to practice my French.  I studied in Paris eight years ago and explored some of France but did not make it to Annecy, never even heard of it.  Laura & Tom picked a perfect spot!  If you are looking for a town to visit in France, I definitely recommend Annecy.  It’s a small town pressed up against a large lake touching mountains.  It’s just an hour bus ride from Geneva, Switzerland.

This is the latest & last trailer I will make on the series “The Founders” created for TechStars. I loved making the series and needed to compress all of that footage I shot into 3 minutes. So here it is…