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The Window Seat Trailer

Wondering what I’ve been up to in the last year?  I’ve had several ongoing projects that I greatly enjoy, working with some wonderfully talented people.  ..with that, I’m super thrilled to tell you about a new web series I’m working on with the delightfully brilliant Christy Lee. The Window Seat is a music web series where we are taken on a magical adventure, a dance party of astronomical proportions. What does this mean? We will be bringing you all sorts of tiny parcels and segments all relating to music. The main episodes will consist of us spending some time with a band as Christy interviews and gets a personal look at them. The two singer/song writers in this trailer are Danielle Ate the Sandwich and Calvin Locklear. We love them and all of the bands we’ve interviewed so far.

We are getting extremely close to a release date but wanted to get the word out.  So, there will be a new music web series coming soon! Let us know if there are any bands you would love to see featured or if you just want to say hi.

Please stay tuned for The Window Seat and let us know if you have any questions. For now, please enjoy the trailer.  Love, Megan & Christy

Demo : Let’s go on an Adventure

Here is my latest demo reel which includes different projects I’ve shot over the last year.  I like to keep a constant theme in my work, the demo reel above is “let’s go on an adventure”.  Recent demos include, Find what you love to do and do it and It’s the journey not the destination.

Since moving to Colorado several years ago I’ve greatly enjoyed the various projects I’ve been able to work on from travel shows to documentary web series.  I love working on these kinds of videos and aim to focus on music and documentary/adventure genres.  I picked out some of my favorite soundbytes for this new reel, one of them includes Brad Feld, “Everyone needs a laser gun for when the martians come”.  Pretty obvious. What’s yours?

Some of the projects in my new demo include:
TechStars’ The Founders
The Window Seat
Apres Adventures
Looking UP

You can also check out featured projects.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and let me film you!  The music in this demo includes The Drums & Wild Nothing.

A lot has been going on over the last few months!  I’ve been working on a diverse range of projects including two different series for Uninterrupted TV with Joy Parrish.  We’ve had so much fun together and I’m super excited about the content we’re creating promoting the idea that anything is possible.  The two videos below are part of the series “Looking UP”, highlighting people who make it happen, who happen to be women.  The goal is to find different women doing amazing things that can be role models for younger generations, and well everyone!  If you would like to nominate anyone please contact Joy Parrish.  You’ll be able to find lots of great quotes from both women.  My favorite are:

Life is kind of one big old silerverware drawer, full of forks, and you just have to figure out which tong you want to go down” – Brandi Shigley
“Do the best at what you love doing” – Brandi Shigley
“I would love for us to connect and know that we can make it happen.” – Naomi Mills

Looking UP : Brandi

Looking UP : Naomi

Make sure to check out the music in both pieces: The Autumn Film & B.Sous.

Time for another episode of’s Après Adventures. This time I filmed Ryan Ross skiing as fast as he could down a hill and over a freezing pond while wearing a hula skirt. This was all for Keystone’s end of the season celebration, Slush Cup.  Next year you might want to sign up!  Check it out to see if Ryan makes it across the pond.
(Photo above right: The Dream Team, pregnant camerawoman & host in hula skirt)

Every Thursday night Beaver Creek holds a glow worm run followed by some beautiful fireworks.  Ryan and I had another glorious trip into the mountains to shoot our monthly web series Apres Adventures for  This time we were lucky enough to have Brian, my husband, come with us and show off some of his ski skills.  Brian shot all of the skiing footage and pretty much kicked ass.  Thank you Brian for all of your help!  It’s also important to note that Beaver Creek has some of their staff handing out warm big chocolate chip cookies at the end of the day.  I ate three cookies.

Apres Adventures: Thursday Night Lights

Music in this episode includes: Ben Suchy, The Sexies, Harper Blynn
Watch all episodes.

Après Adventures: Vail Shopping

Here’s a new episode #4 of Vail Resorts Après Adventures.  We explore Vail Village while Ryan Ross is on a desperate search for a belated birthday gift for his wife.  Ryan & I make one episode a month releasing around the 22nd for  More episodes here.

Featured Music includes Blue Canyon Boys, In the Whale, & Ben Suchy.  The open is music from The Sexies.

If you missed the Ullr Festival or the most recent episode of Après Adventures here it is in 6 minutes!  Ryan Ross and I headed to the lovely town of Breckenridge to successfully sneak into the Ullr parade, a giant celebration to pray for more snow in the mountains.  The festival happens every year towards the end of January and includes tons of craziness and people dressed up… and down.  I can now say I stood on (and filmed from) three floats including a truck full of 80′s shake weight athletes.  It was awesome.  The episodes are for Vail Resorts on and premiere once a month.  Stay tuned for next month’s adventures, you never know what we’ll find ourselves into.

Après Adventures: Uller Festival

Here’s a new episode of Après Adventures for where Ryan Ross takes us on a tour of three local favorite breweries.  We start in Breckenridge head to Dillon and end in Frisco.  Every month we’ll come out with a new untraditional adventure in the mountains which will be posted on and I’ll post it here.  If you have any favorite unique activities to do in the Rockies let us know and we might feature it!

Featured music in this episode: Ben Suchy, Calvin Locklear, The Sexies & In the Whale.

Après Adventures: Brewery Tour

Episode One | High Altitude Baking

I’m so excited to announce a new web series I’m working on with Joy Parrish for Uninterrupted TV.  It’s called Making Luck (working title) and follows struggling teens as we try and introduce them to their dream experience and/or mentor. This is an opportunity we want to help give these teens to show them you create your own luck. They can define their own future and work to choose their desired path.  Stay tuned for these teens’ adventures from meeting their dream mentor to experiencing some unknown adventures.

If you know of any kids or potential mentors feel free to contact me or Joy.

Making Luck Trailer

Making Luck

Music in the trailer includes The Autumn Film, Harper Blynn, & The Sexies.