Face A Face

This past July Brian and I found ourselves in Avignon, France.  We were invited to film our friends’ wedding in Annecy and traveled a bit after to Cannes, Avignon, & Geneva.  In Avignon every July, we discovered that there is a massive theatre festival, Festival d’Avignon.  There were hundreds of people wondering around Avignon performing and promoting their groups for the evening shows.  We spotted a French dance group, Face A Face, from our hotel window and so I filmed some of their dance moves.

I’m starting to make more of an effort to archive any footage I shoot, meaning I do something with even the small random stuff I capture.  This video is a good example of “archiving”.  It took me a hour to put it together and now I have a fun video from our week in France.  Please note that this does not replace the process of really archiving your footage by backing it up.  The ironic part of this video is while we were exploring Avignon & filming wild French theatre enthusiasts, our plane was leaving Switzerland back for the U.S.  We missed our flight, thinking it departed on a different day!  Five days later and a good chunk of money we finally got home with a story to tell.

Please share any random travel videos and stories you have!