from JobSiteVisitor on Vimeo.

This is a quick video I made about JobsiteVisitor, my husband’s web startup.  JobSiteVisitor is a site that hosts & manages construction progress photos.  Why is it so great?  It’s affordable & easy to use.  There are construction projects all over the world with owners, developers, architects, subconctractors, etc. spread out as well.  It’s already mandatory for most projects to have progress photos taken but rarely are they ever organized let alone taken off the camera.  JobsiteVisitor makes it super easy to manage progress photos of any construction site.  There are various privacy settings & features like custom branding that clients love.  Now you can visit a construction site from anywhere at anytime.  I really believe in what Brian’s doing.  Check out some sample projects.

If you know anyone that works in construction please share this video with them.  Thank you!

Music in this video: The Poppies