The Founders | Episode 10 | People Product Market

With only two episodes left to The Founders series 2010, the companies are really focusing on their pitches for Investor Day at the Boulder Theatre.  Some exciting people came in to mentor and talk about fundraising, Jeff Clavier, Rob Hayes, Ari Newman, & more.  It’s really been an opportunity of a lifetime not only for the startups accepted into TechStars, but me as well.  Documenting & creating weekly episodes has given me the chance to meet tons of smart, interesting people.  Although hanging around the bunker (office) filming people coding & meeting can be adventurous it’s also fun to get outside, especially in Boulder, Colorado!  Carlin from Omniar took Deanna & Brett, from RentMonitor, up in a glider.  I love getting this kind of footage.  The glider has just two seats so I sent my tiny camera, the GoPro, up with Deanna so she could capture some of the beauty in the sky.

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Music featured in this episode:  In the Whale | Baxter House | Paper Bird | Ben Suchy