Episode One is up!
“The Question is Why”.  When I interviewed Brad Feld for the first episode of The Founders he said, “I think the most important thing for anyone  on this planet is to to spend their time working on things they think give them meaning.”  Of course I knew that statement was going to make the cut.  It’s true.  We can apply that to any career, anything we do and say.  Why do it, if there is no meaning?  I’ve been interviewing people for a while and I always tend to ask questions that start with what, how, when, tell me about, etc. but I am forgetting to ask why.  I had one hour to film Brad in his office and didn’t realize I would learn so much in that short amount of time.  I also might need to buy that I WANT TO BELIEVE poster, even though it’s about aliens.  I believe.

Time for a little behind the scenes…
About a week ago Brian & I took a helicopter ride around Boulder, Colorado.  I got some aerial footage using a gyro.  It was pretty difficult getting good shots but I absolutely love helicopter rides.    Brian shot some behind the scenes footage using a GoPro (video above) and photographs.

A few Sundays ago we went to Danny Newman’s to help work on a stop motion open.  I was so happy to have Danny on board, along with Brian Sweeney and Christy Lee to make the open.  We made a super short behind the scenes of making the stop motion open (video above).

1st episode of The Founders, “The Question is Why” has some wonderfully talented bands.  I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you to discover and learn more about the music in The Founders series.  If you are in a band or have any friends that write their own music, feel free & send them my info.  I’m always interested in learning about new music out there.
Music in Episode 1
Pete & J | Jeff Brinkman | Hello Kavita | Ben Suchy | The Autumn Film

That’s it for now.
I will keep all of the episodes of The Founders 2010 here.
You can also view them on TechStars.

I’m happy to be back making The Founders again thanks to