The Founders, a web series documenting the adventures of startups in TechStars during the summer of 2010 has come to an end.  You can watch the finale episode here or below.  After any larger project it’s a good time to look back.

David Cohen, founder of TechStars, talks about randomness.  It’s funny because that is one of my favorite parts of life, all of the completely random things that we do & encounter.  The best random story I have is how I met Brian.  I impulsively put a flower on his shoulder at The Dresden, a bar in LA.  It’s a good thing I randomly went out that night with no plans and impulsively decided to pick a flower and put it on a strangers shoulder.  The rest is history.  Random moments build relationships.  A good example of the type of random events David is talking about would be… 3 years ago my friend, Catalina, sent me an e-mail that Current TV was looking for more independent filmmakers in Colorado.  I responded and got connected with TechStars.  I was hired to make a 5-minute video in 2008 focusing on two companies Foodzie & Ignighter.  This led to David contacting me a few months later asking if I would be interested in making a weekly web series (more on TechStars Boulder 2009).  Sign me up!  ..and here we are today.

I’m so lucky to have been able to film TechStars and be surrounded by some of the most interesting intelligent people.  The featured companies in The Founders series include RentMonitor, Kapost, & Omniar of the TechStars 2010 companies.  Check out all of the 11 companies from TechStars Boulder 2010 on TechCrunch.

An enormous thank you to The Rackspace Cloud, the video series sponsor, & Rob La Gesse!  Thank you to David Cohen & Brad Feld.  I’m so appreciative that David reached out to me & gave me a chance.  He’s not only a mentor to the TechStars companies but to me.  Thank you to my family & friends for the support (especially my parents), putting up with me continually talking about my busy schedule, & to Brian , my husband.  Brian has a startup, JobSiteVisitor, which has been a main source of inspiration for documenting startups.  This also means I eat, sleep, dream startups.  Thank you to the community of Boulder.  It might be hard to believe but I’ve never met a large group of people so supportive of each other.

In no particular order, some of my favorite memories from the summer…

  • The helicopter ride Brian & I took so I could get some aerial shots of Boulder.
  • David thinks I’m weird, but I loved meeting Ginger (a.k.a @Gingerale).
  • Getting to know everyone & I mean everyone!
  • Alumni day (in episode 6).  Even though I am not in TechStars I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the people over the last few years.
  • Plane ride with Paul Berberian to Steamboat.  It was exciting that Brian was with us too!
  • I have to admit David’s shout out thank you at the Boulder Theatre.
  • Watching the founders feel happy and accomplished after their pitches
  • Filming b-roll, beauty shots of Boulder.
  • Meeting Nicole’s daughter was pretty neat.
  • Brett & Deanna getting recognized out at a bar.  Pretty funny.

I definitely won’t miss the drive from Denver to Boulder and back for a bit.  The good news is I never got a speeding ticket.

One thing that’s always on my mind is making sure to include as many people involved & supportive from the community in the series.  It’s hard because there’s just so much footage to include into (12) ~6 minute episodes, but hopefully you got in one if you wanted a cameo.

To conserve storage, I deleted plenty of clips I knew I would never need.  With that,  I recorded over 650 GBs of HD footage at 720 24p which is over 30 hours.

It can take me up to three days to edit an episode, if I had more time I would take it but more often than not I edit an episode under two days.  The key is to be as efficient as possible because when I’m not editing, I’m shooting.

I shoot with a Panasonic HPX170 & I love it.  I think it’s reliable and affordable compared to other HD cameras.

I’m very grateful to have the ability to feature tons of original music.  I will be posting a play list of songs from each episode of The Founders soon so you can buy the songs & learn more about the bands.

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The Founders | “Demo Day” | Episode 12

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