Here we go again!  I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to make weekly 5-minute episodes on TechStars for the second summer.  Thanks to David Cohen & Brad Feld for bringing me on again to create The Founders series.  A special thanks to the sponsor Rackspace Cloud for making it all happen.

It started 2 years ago when I made a video on TechStars for Current TV, David asked the following summer if I would be interested in making weekly webisodes, I said hell ya!  This brings us to the summer of 2010.  You can read more on last summer here.

Photo to the right – David Cohen watching rough cut of episode 1

What’s different this season?  Several things.  We have new & interesting companies to follow.  We are going to focus more on the mentors from Boulder and across the country, giving you a glimpse into all these successful entrepreneur’s minds.  Something else new is my Panasonic HPX.  I’m shooting in HD!  These are just some of the things that will be different so stay tuned.

We are lucky to have Anthony Dimitre who designed the graphics & The Founders logo.  Thanks to the super creative Danny Newman for the stop motion open to The Founders.  Some people had a sneak peak & love it!  There is also plenty of new music and bands joining the circle.  Check out the tunes, buy their CDs,  go to their concerts, or just tell them you love what they’re doing.

You might be wondering why I love to document these wonderful tech startups, a bunch of fabulously geeky people building stuff on computers.  Well, smart is sexy.  The foundation of what the series is about revolves around having an idea, being extremely passionate about it, & executing it to the best of your ability.  It’s about doing something meaningful with your life, breaking the mold, taking risk, and cramming enough adventure into a short life.  It helps that my husband has a startup, JobSiteVisitor, a site that manages construction progress photos.  This experience gives me authentic insight into the wild world of being an entrepreneur.  This is a good time to pre-apologize to my family & friends for temporarily disappearing this summer.  I greatly appreciate your support.

Boulder is an incredibly beautiful town with a tight-knit community.   As I’ve heard, it’s 25 sq. miles surrounded by reality.  It’s time to organize some chaos, that is hours upon hours of footage.

To watch the weekly series The Founders on TechStars visit every Tuesday at 9am MST starting May 25th, 2010.

The Founders | Teaser | Brad Feld