TweetyGotBack is a Twitter Theme Shoppe with free Twitter backgrounds and themes, handmade with love by Rachel Ryle and Heather Capri!  If you are not on Twitter, this alone is a reason to join.

I met Heather & Rachel during the summer of 2009 excited to see talented girls working in tech.  We were reconnected at Jeremy Tanner’s Boulder Podcamp with Jen Myronuk who played around with some great ideas of making a music video.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get a surprise music video someday soon!

The video below is a quick glimpse “Behind TweetyGotBack” in 140 characters… I mean seconds!  Meet the founders and see the magic happen.  I wanted to give the TweetyGotBack fans (including myself!) a behind the scenes perspective.

Filming for a day in Boulder, Colorado,  I followed Heather & Rachel around in their office as they designed themes and I met Ben Brightwell, the developer.  It was such a fun, productive shoot.  I also filmed them riding their bikes to work, while sitting in the back of my outback.  I’ve done this a few times, safety first, then adventure!  I absolutely loved spending a day with Rachel & Heather.  They are incredible entrepreneurs who find time to make sure to give back to the community as well.  They feature various artists in their themes so please check them out.

I hope you enjoy this video on “Behind TweetyGotBack”.  Check out their beautiful twitter themes.  They have quite the diverse collection from photography, artistic, celebrities, special occasions, and many more.  I like to change my twitter background often with TweetyGotBack themes.

Thankfully Heather & Rachel took photos during the shoot!  Check out the production photos.